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Smart Materials

In the artistry of our furniture, fabric, metal, wood, and foam converge seamlessly, defining the essence of our craftsmanship. Our selection of these materials is an exercise in smart choices, where each component is chosen not only for its aesthetic contribution but also for its eco-friendly footprint. From sustainably sourced wood to recyclable metals and environmentally conscious fabrics, our commitment to being eco-friendly is unwavering. Moreover, this conscientious selection caters to diverse budget considerations, offering a spectrum of choices where different materials meet different cost requirements. Our furniture stands as a testament to the thoughtful fusion of sustainability, quality, and affordability, making each piece a conscious investment in both style and responsibility.

Certificates for Materials

The materials used in our furniture products are tested according to the industrial requiremnts. all are eco friendly.

Fabric SGS

Donati Seat Mechanism Test


Plywood Formaldehyde Emission

Sponge ROHS Report


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