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Custom-made Furniture

In our commitment to excellence, we specialize in crafting custom-made furniture tailored to our customers’ unique visions. We believe in collaborative design, working closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life while ensuring the most economic cost without compromising quality. Our skilled artisans transform concepts into tangible masterpieces, using a blend of expertise and creativity. By fostering open communication and understanding our clients’ preferences, we not only meet but exceed expectations. This personalized approach not only results in furniture that perfectly fits their spaces but also ensures satisfaction with the cost-effectiveness of our bespoke solutions. Embrace the art of customization with us and let your furniture dreams come to life affordably.

Custom coffee table

The process of customizing a product

1. Design or Sample

Clients provide design drawings or samples to factory.

2. Requirements Discussion

Clients share the requirements in details, we will make feasibility evaluation.

3. Material Selection

Selecting the materials and colors to meet the requirements on cost, performance and appearance.

4. Building Prototype

Submit the prototype to check the dimensions, quality and product outlook.

5. Final Sample

Sample improvement if requested and get the final sample approval.

6. Mass Production

Follow the approved sample for mass production.

7. Quality Inspection

Product process audit and finished goods quality inspection to be implemented by the customers.

8. Packing and Shipping

Standard export packing or custom-made package for the finished goods and delivery per requirement.

9. Client’s Feedback

Follow with customers to learn the feeback on the quality, the selling performance and further comments.

Customized Cases

Dining Style
These are the chair made for a chain hotel. According to the customer's requirements, high-quality metal frames high-quality chairs.
Office style
According to customer’s requirement ,This chair is modified from another design, modified the shape roundly and the cover change as more flat. They use for an office project meeting room.
Leisure style
This also make for a hotel project,we make the frame more stronger and thickness then market products as customer ’s requirement. This chair also suitable for office leisure area.
These stools are made for a chain hotel. According to the customer's requirements,choosing the water proof material. Also suitable for office leisure area.
These Bench are made for a chain hotel. According to the customer's requirements,choosing the soft fabric material.
Office chair
In order to match some office projects for customers, we have developed our own office chair styles, Welcome to represent our chairs.
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