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Hotel project

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Hotel lobby

Different hotel use different products for the lobby. using  the lounge chair and the sofa set,or using the dining style to make a leisure area for the lobby.

Walue Product:  OL249/Piano keyboard sofa/ F13 …

Project Location:  Beijing,Nanjing,Dalian,Shanghai ,Wuhan,Xiamen, Chengdu…

Year: 2022/2023

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Hotel Guest room

The hotel guest room project, something  only use the lounge chair, but some of big suit room also need the sofa, luggage rack,bench.

Walue Product:  OL233// BS318/BE501/BE502/BE503…

Project Location:  Hangzhou,Hefei,Shanghai,Qingdao,Chongqing,Changsha…

Year:  2020/2021/2022

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Hotel Restaurant

The hotel restaurant is one of our main project, different dining chair and table can make the dining area different charms.

Walue Product:  LE110/LE130/LE136/LE137...

Project Location:  Shanghai,Nanjing,Tianjin,Guangzhou,Xiamen…

Year:  2019/2020/2021/2022

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Hotel laundry project, work console usd the long bench, and the high bar chair.

Walue Product:  BE505/BS306..

Project Location: Beijing, Shanghai,Hangzhou…

Year:  2019/2022/2023