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Different products create different conference room style, we have serious office chairs, as well as more casual style office chairs, no matter what type you want can meet your project.

Walue Product:  Eames style office chair,Cookie chair,OL206,Loop…

Project Location:  Thailand,Shenzhen,Australia

Year: 2019/2022

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A good office reception can make a first impression on the whole office. We have a variety of styles that are suitable for reception

Walue Product:  Eames ,Cookie chair,Balloon Chair,LE131,Swan chair,OL241,LE110,OL226…

Project Location:  Australia,Beijing,Foshan,Shenzhen,Shanghai…

Year: 2017/2019/2020/2021/2023

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Office Area

In order to cooperate with the customer’s office projects, our factory has independently developed two of its own office chairs, which are economical and durable and suitable for most projects.

Walue Product:  Snake Office chair,ST chair,OR90…

Project Location:  Hongkong,Shanghai…

Year: 2018/2022