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The concept of coworking is not a new idea but it is trendy and get more and more popular. Meeting such needs, Walue Furniture show its ability to supply different coworking furniture with multi-functional designer products to the working space contractors, dealers, distributors. The successful coworking spaces request neccessary function including  flexible working style, various places fitting with different furniture,  focused but more comfortable working ways. Relatively, such workspaces request the coworking furniture supplier to provie the related furniture to support an ideal working environmeng. 

Flexible Furniture Manufacturer

Fliexible offices are the trend and get more and more important in the workplace ecosystem.

Workspaces that can be easily adapted or customized to accommodate various needs and preferences of businesses or individuals. These spaces typically offer short-term leases or memberships, allowing occupants to adjust the amount of space they need and the duration of their stay according to their evolving requirements. 

This concept has gained popularity due to the changing nature of work, with more businesses embracing remote work, freelancing, and project-based collaboration. Flexible workspaces offer the agility and scalability that modern businesses need to adapt to market dynamics and organizational growth. 

Walue as a coworking furniture supplier provide flexible furniture such as stackable chairs, collaborative seatings, storage solutions, multifunctional furniture etc.

Our Easy Stool is the best example to combine such features for coworking spaces. The raw material of this stool is 100% polyester fiber, it is skin friendly, safe and environmental. It is easy to move as it is only 2.3kgs, it is stacked to save space, it can be seat as well as storage. It is not too serious to use in office areas. It looks harmonious together with other furniture. It is loved being a multi-functional furniture.

coworking furniture supplier; easy stool; office stool

Various Furniture Supplier

A corworking furniture supplier understand the specific needs, preference of the occupants, as well as the layout and function of the space, we can provide one package for all furniture for your workspace.

The marble side table which is one representative of the side table fits everywhere as long as you need it. It is an creative design be used for plant decor, reading table, tea or coffee table or just leaving your small stuff there besides your comfortable chair, space saved.

Our factory have different types of side table made of marble or wood, all are modern and classic designs.

,round marble side table
round marble side table , chess marble side table
round marble side table , chess marble side table

Besides the side tables, we have more tables for conference, meetings and tea tables which meet the multi-functional needs for coworking spaces.

Working tables commonly made of melamine top and steel frame and base. The factory customize the tables for different size, different materials such as solid wood or marble for top, stainless steel, aluminum or solid wood for the frame or legs. The table shape is also can be round, square or rectangle.

coworking furniture supplier,office tables for coworking spaces

Easy to Move Furniture

Our furniture design is for easy to move, the occupants could be easily adjust the layout. Those lightweight, compact and portable working furniture are one of our feature.

Modular sofas perfectly fit this kind of working space. The individual pieces that can be combined or rearranged to create different configurations. These pieces are typically lightweight and easy to move, offering flexibility in adapting to changing needs and spatial requirements.

coworking furniture supplier,modular sofa for working spaces

Walue Furniture manufacturing working tables with locking castors, it is easy to move and it is easily fixed in a place. It is so much suitable for such open working area to re-arrange the working space conveniently.

office table with locking castors

Concise and Comfortable Furniture Suitable for Office and Home

Walue Furniture focus on designer furniture in Scandinavian and classical style, we have two business sections for office and home furniture, the coworking furniture we make meet both office needs and comfortable random style. With such interior, the occupants will be not so nervous and have no much pressure as working in a formal office.

This is one (office chair) of the most popular chairs used in different applications, casual style is what we pursue for collaborative working spaces. 

coworking furniture supplier, office table, office chair

With more than 10 years working in furniture upholstery industry for higher quality, our technicians are skilled for handmade upholstery, all our employees are trained to pay attention to details. They plywood for inner structure, density foam, fabric and other materials are all environmental friendly with certificates. The loos chairs are made in metal or wooden frame and legs. Good ideas come out easily after brainstorms sitting in a comfortable chair.

coworking furniture supplier, office leisure chair, loose furniture


Safety is the No.1 concern when we make a product. For office chairs, our internal standard are more stricter than BIFMA standard for some key requirements, we have our own lab to test the office chairs. Every new design will be launched only when it passes the tests and it is ensured it is safe enough. And you cannot see any nails out of the product surface and no rough selvedge to prick the skin.


We provide two years warranty for home furniture and 5 years warranty for the office chairs. We are confident that our products will not be damaged unless it is intentional damages. 

In conclusion, it will improve the coworking space quality and performance and cost saving by a fully support from a manufacturer who could supply multi functional furniture with flexible service and good guranteed proproducts. This is what a coworking furniture supplier need to focus on.

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