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Three main types of padding inside the sofa

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In addition to the leather and fabric covered on the surface of the sofa, it is followed by the silk and sponge inside the cushion. Of course, this is a conventional configuration, in fact, the sofa has a variety of fillers, common are high elastic sponge, memory cotton, latex, down and so on
There are three main types of padding inside the sofa:

1, Soft polyurethane foam (commonly known as sponge)

The sponge used for sofa filling is mainly divided into three categories: conventional sponge is a conventional polyether and TDI as the main body of the sponge. It is characterized by good resilience, softness and breathability; High resilience sponge is a kind of active polyphosphorous sponge with TDI as the main body, which is characterized by excellent mechanical energy and good elasticity. Large compression load, fire resistance, good air permeability; Random hole sponge is a kind of sponge with internal pores similar to natural seaweed of different sizes. It is characterized by good elasticity and excellent buffering during compression and rebound.

2, Down stuffing

Down as sofa stuffing, sitting comfortable, long-term use of small deformation, the disadvantage is slow rebound, the cost is high. Generally used in conjunction with sponge in the senior sofa, suitable for use as a cushion.

3, Artificial cotton filler

Artificial cotton as sofa filler, excellent softness, comfortable sitting, but poor mechanical properties, compression load is small, should only be done as a cushion.
The selection of the sofa is very important, you will stay on the sofa for a long time when you go home in addition to sleeping, so a good quality and suitable for the family sofa is key.
The choice of sofa is also a symbol of personal taste, the first time to your family and friends will be moved by the atmosphere of the living room, and the sofa is a very important factor in your living room space.

When buying a sofa, be sure to ask the type of filling, if the filling is a sponge, to understand the density of the sponge used, feel the rebound effect of the cushion with gravity, sit up and feel the comfort of sitting.


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