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Classic Egg Chair and Swan Chair


A classic design will always be loved by many people. The classic egg chair and swan Chair are two of the most popular lounge chairs. They are comfortable, good-looking and suitable for many commercial public area projects. As a company reception area is also a very advanced choice.

The Egg Chair is made of FRP inner frame, and the outer layer is wool flannel or  leather. The size of the seat cushion and back is in line with the structure of the human body. There is a shaped sponge inside, which increases the elasticity and can be seated without deformation.

The whole chair is padded with elastic sponge under the fabric or leather, which not only looks smooth and more elastic, making the sitting feel more comfortable. With four-star bright aluminum feet, the egg chair can rotate 360 degrees (with tilt back function). Aluminum alloy feet and stainless steel feet, to achieve the mirror effect, bright, coupled with carefully designed chair brain and armrest, both sides of the symmetrical corresponding, with foot, more humanized.

In 1958, Ner Jacobsen designed the chair for the lobby and reception area of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The oval chair has since become an example of Danish furniture design. The unique shape of the egg chair creates an undisturbed space in a public place — perfect for lying down, resting or waiting, just like home.

The Swan Chair was designed by Jacobson for the Royal Copenhagen Hotel between 1958 and 1960. The swan chair was named for its appearance like a static swan. Smooth and beautiful lines with a sculptural beauty, even compared with the human body model is no less. If you like the classical chair, please consider to take this egg chair ans swan chair for your projects. I am sure that these chairs will make your projects more beautiful and nice.

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