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Lounge chair we use in our daily life which is not as formal as the dining chair and office chair, it has its own personality characteristics, it gives people a visual and physical comfort. Lounge chair bring unlimited comfort, fashionable home life enjoyment. In our daily life, we can see the lounge chair everywhere, such as families, public places, etc., it is integrated into our lives, is an indispensable parts. So how to choose a suitable lounge chair?

The height of the leisure chair feet

The height of the foot of the chair is related to the length of the user’s leg, in addition to the bar chair, the height of the seat of the general chair is not too exaggerated, but if there is a small person or young children in the home, it should also be taken into account. When the factory produces this chairs, it will consider the height and leg length factors, in addition to specific lounge chairs, such as bar chairs, the general chairs are in line with the needs of normal people.

The height of the armchair armrest

If you putting hands down, you may wish to choose a chair with lower armrests or no armrests. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then the lounge chair with higher armrests and a deeper seat surface is the best choice.

The depth of the lounge chair

Generally speaking, in a more formal occasion, people’s sitting posture is very straight, and more people prefer to sit in the “shallow” position in front of the chair. If at home, you may sit deeper in the case of relaxation, and the whole person seems to fall into the chair. When choosing a lounge chair, you can sit and see first, and try to feel the depth of the whole body when you sit, you can know whether it is suitable.

Some chairs have a variety of functions, for office,for personal leisure area; And some chairs are only for leisure area, such as leisure recliners, which are used for rest. When buying a leisure chair, decide according to your needs.

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