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The chair since 1949

the chair

The Chair, designed by Hans Wegner in 1949, is based on the traditional Chinese arm-chair and cleverly incorporates the organic curves of northern Europe. In 1950, the Chair appeared as a Round Chair on the cover of Interior Design magazine and Time magazine. In the same year, it won the Good Design Award in the United States. The designer said it was difficult to find a proper name for the piece, so it was better to name it “chair”. At the time, it only meant “ordinary chair,” but later, as the work became popular in the United States, it changed to mean “aristocrat of chairs.” Its name begins with “the,” which only proper nouns can have, giving the chair all its glory.

Kennedy and Nixon sat in the same chair during the televised debates of the 1961 US presidential election. The debate produced two winners: Kennedy, who was elected president, and the chair he was sitting in. The Chair is mellow and simple. It fits in well with the calm and easy-going temperament of the president, so it is also called the “presidential chair”.

Kennedy chair

After becoming an overnight sensation, The Chair began to become one of the most popular chairs used on international occasions.

One interesting feature of the chair is that Wagner, in contrast to the furniture design world of the time, which used to make joints invisible or difficult to see, deliberately exposed joints. At The joint between the back of The Chair and the armrest, you can clearly see that the finger joint is shaped like “Z”.

Its seat surface has rattan surface woven and leather two kinds. Originally designed for people with back problems, this chair is very comfortable to sit in, with smooth and graceful lines, delicate details and elegant and rustic shape. It is still popular and one of the most imitated designs in the world.

Wagner once said, “A good chair must last 50 years.” The Chair, has gone through 73 spring and autumn, can still be seen today its active figure, it has stood the test of time, along with the classic.

Wagner’s goal has always been to be as raw and simple as possible, to demonstrate that our hands can awaken the latent breath and life in wood, making everything more original and natural.

the chair
the chair
Hans J.Wegner chair
the chair
the chair

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